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On my website, SYMAH Academic, I will provide you with whatever information necessary, mainly on higher education which includes undergraduate and graduate studies, so that international students wanting to join a college or university, can make informed decisions. 

Tertiary education is what comes immediately after high school and that includes colleges, universities, and trade schools.

Whether you are pursuing your undergraduate study, master degree study, or PhD; you need to prepare well for your next phase in education.

Check out tips I prepared that hopefully might help you in choosing your major. Choosing Your Major

I have also put together some factors that you need to consider when you choose the university or college to study in. Choose Your University or College

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International Students, whose English is not their first language, need to provide proof of English language proficiency. 

Alternatively, they must study ESL – English as a second language at an English academy or school to improve their language to the standard required by the university or college.

English Language Tests

There are several very common English language tests that you can take to prove your competency in English, depending on the university’s requirements of course.  

I highly recommend you start preparing for one of these tests in your last year of high school and attempt it several times until you reach the required score by the university. English Language Tests

Some international students, especially those who are awarded government scholarship, prefer to study ESL – English as a second language at the destination country then start their undergraduate program.

This can take place by way of pathway programs or bridging programs where they study English as a second language for academic purposes at an English school that has ties with the targeted university, or join the university’s English program.


Summer English Courses

Summer English courses are fun programs where international students can study English during their summer break at English speaking destinations like UK and Canada, and have fun at the same time.

This is a very popular program aimed for high school students age 15-17 and can last between 4-6 weeks.

The students will not only learn English and have fun, they will also learn to depend on themselves and can get a good idea of how college life will be when they go away to study after graduating from high school.

There are many summer English courses organized every year. Some of them are organized directly by the same college or university in the hosting country.

Before going for a summer English course, you need to check everything way before you enroll, and that includes:

  • The college or university hosting the course
  • The accommodation
  • Safety and security
  • Meals
  • Length of course and what will you learn by the end of the course
  • Fun programs
  • Cost