About Me

Mona Massoud

Hello and welcome to SYMAH International Academic Advisory Services (SYMAH). You might be wondering what SYMAH means. It is actually made of the first letter of each of my sisters’ and brother’s names including mine and I just love the sound of it plus I love my sisters and brothers 🙂

I was always a banker. I worked for an international bank for over 17 years and I was very successful. However, everyone reaches a point in life where priorities change. For that reason, I decided I wanted a career change where I can utilize my specialized skills in the education industry as well as start my own business where I have a passion and build on it.

I found my passion in education. My aim is to provide students as well as their parents with as much information as possible so that they can make informed decisions.

I also hope that with the information I provide here I’ll be able to participate in their achievement in higher education and their future career goals.

Why Education….

Education is a right, not a privilege. It’s the only thing that you don’t need to think twice about because the long-term returns are myriad for you, your loved ones, your society, and your country as a whole.

Education is a no regret investment. We live in an era of rapid technological growth and fierce competition and therefore, knowledge is power, and with this power, all your dreams can become reality.

You will also play a major part in your country’s economic prosperity because you are innovative, talented, and highly skilled. Your academic credentials will widely open doors for you, not only in your country, but worldwide.

Your education abroad, away from home, will also give you the opportunity to explore other cultures and meet people from different backgrounds. This in itself will broaden your horizon, enhance your confidence, sharpen your personality, and give you the opportunity to share best practices.

As the founder and owner of SYMAH Academic, I pride myself for my integrity and trustworthiness.

Whether you are a student looking for world-class education or a professional leader looking for world-class capacity building training, or a reputable institution that values education questers, rest assured that I’m committed to excellence and I will do my utmost best to help you reach your goals.


Mona Massoud

E-mail: mona@symahinternationalacademic.com

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