When True Friends Aren’t Really True

April 21, 2018
When true friends aren't really true

Do you really have true friends? Think again. Surely, having friends is a blessing. The company of friends is precious. Sometimes the only effective therapy you may have for your depression, stress, fear, confusion, and many other unpleasant feelings is to be surrounded by real friends. But when your true friends aren’t really true, how would that make you feel?

What is Friendship?

Friendship is a relationship that is formed between two people minimum. Like any other relationship, it’s based mainly on respect, trust, affection, common traits, common beliefs, common goals, safety and comfort.

Most friendships happen as a result of certain circumstances mostly by meeting people in places like school, work place, events, at friends’ places, when traveling, etc. What makes people click and stay friends, it’s their kindness and sincere actions. Forming a true and genuine friendship though where the relationship is more solid and sacred takes more than that.

One of the human needs is to live with people and around people. It’s a natural tendency to be drawn to people and form a kind of bond, whether it’s temporary, or for some time, or forever.

You can call as many people as you want ‘good friends’, but you can call one, up to four, maybe five, true and close friends, although I’ve seen exceptional cases where true, genuine, and long-lasting friendships were between more than five people.

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Internship Before or After Graduation

April 9, 2018


What’s your plan after graduation? It’s to find a job of course. What do employers look for in a job candidate? One of the job’s requirements is work experience but most college/university graduates don’t have work experience. Then what should they do? They should consider internship before or after graduation to gain some work experience.

What is Internship?

Internship is a job opportunity offered by employers mainly to college/university students. It can also be a job opportunity for college/university graduates. The main purpose of internship is to gain work experience in your filed of study, or any particular industry you are interested in, that you can add to your resume and enhance your chances of getting hired.

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Innovative Teaching Techniques From Around The World

March 30, 2018

​Teaching is not only about textbooks. It’s not only about science, math, history, geography and so on. Kids need also to learn how to deal with things, people, and situations in their lives. There are so many innovative teaching techniques from around the world that I personally view as very smart and very effective especially for kids as young as kindergarten. Innovative teaching techniques from around the world

There is a well known quote that says “learning young is like engraving on stone”.​ When innovative learning methods are implemented in schools starting from kindergarten, not only students learn quickly, because kids at a younger age learn faster, but also the information will stick in their mind forever.

​It’s also very important to teach kids morals, principles, values, ethics, and respect for all at a very young age. These are their true wealth for their future. When we have a generation that is characterized by decent personal traits, the whole nation will rise.​

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High Quality Education System

March 16, 2018

Give a child and a woman high quality education system and you will build a whole competent generation. This might seem biased, but when you give a child (boy and girl) quality education, not only you teach them to prosper in their lives and become great contributors to their countries, but you also teach them to become decent human beings.

When you give a woman quality education, you give a whole society quality life. Not only society, but she will also be a great contributor to the success of the economy as well. Why I’m focusing on women is because, for many years, women around the world were deprived of their right to education.


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Future Jobs and Education

March 2, 2018

One important topic that is a focus in recent years is future jobs and education. The education system now is different compared to the education system 30-40-50 years ago.

It’s evolving to include elements that are necessary for the digital age we live in, the current and future generation’s needs, the human capital development, and the knowledge-based economy approach of many countries.


Future jobs and education

What Was Education Like Before?

I’ll speak for myself now. During my k-12 years:

Did teaching prepare me for my future job? No, it didn’t.

Did it give me the analytical and critical thinking skills that are needed in every job now? No, it didn’t.

Did it train me on presentation, debate, and negotiation skills? No, it didn’t.

Was I allowed to express my opinion on the material taught or the way it was taught? Not much.

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Higher Education in Qatar – Knowledge-Based Economy

February 18, 2018
Higher Education in Qatar - Knowledge-based economy

Quality Education is a primary focus of the Government of the State of Qatar. Excellence in education in general and higher education in particular are key towards transforming Qatar into a knowledge-based and sustainable economy as envisaged in the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030.

Qatar National Vision 2030

One of QNV 2030’s four pillars is Human Development: “Qatar aims to build a modern world-class educational system that provides students with a first-rate education, comparable to that offered anywhere in the world.

The system will provide citizens with excellent training and opportunities to develop to their full potential and preparing them for success in a changing world with increasingly complex technical requirements.

The system will also encourage analytical and critical thinking, as well as creativity and innovation. It will promote social cohesion and respect for Qatari society’s values and heritage and will advocate for constructive interaction with other nations.

In order to further support human development, Qatar will aspire to be an active center in the fields of scientific research and intellectual activity. ”

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Top World University Ranking 2018

February 17, 2018
Top world university ranking 2018
The first thing international students &/or professionals look for when pursuing higher education is top world university ranking. In other words, world-class universities worldwide.
Eventually, you would want the best academic credentials as this will widely open doors for you career wise especially now and going forward. 
 If you want to advance in your career and get higher pay, you will need a very good university and a minimum of a master degree depending of course on your area of interest and your career aspirations.

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Cooperative Education Programs “Co op” – Work While Studying

February 8, 2018

Co-op Education

What is Co-op Education?

Co-operative education or Co-op is a program that gives students the opportunity to gain work-related experience by working while studying as part of their curriculum.

As the name suggests, Co-op programs are cooperation initiatives between higher education entities and major organizations and industry leaders in different fields that will give students academic work-related experience that will help them transition in to the workforce after they graduate.

Students enrolled in a co-op program will study full time for one semester and work full time the second semester in their field of study at least once. The program might extend for a whole year.

The time spent working for a co-op program provider will be counted towards the student’s credits.

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What Are University Pathway Programs?

February 7, 2018

Pathway programs, also known as Academic Bridging Programs, are preparatory programs designed for students seeking undergraduate studies as well as graduate studies in some universities.

Pathway Programs

Benefits for International Students

The programs mainly prepare students to succeed in their undergraduate and graduate studies by teaching them some foundation courses.

For international students, this could also mean teach them academic English language that maybe equivalent to TOEFL or IELTS by university’s standard.

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What English Language Proficiency Tests University Admissions Accept?

February 5, 2018

If you are an international student and English is not your first language, then one of the core documents that you need to submit when applying to a university or a college, where English is the medium of teaching, is proof of English language proficiency.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.netThere are many types of English language proficiency tests that are accepted by universities and colleges worldwide. Some countries accept one test more than the others like USA for example, accepts TOFEL as the main English test for admission whilst in Europe, IELTS is more popular. Universities & colleges in Canada for example accepts both and some other tests as well.

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What is SAT, ACT, IBDP, GRE, GMAT, and WES?

January 22, 2018

Required Admission Tests

When students apply for admission at some universities, whether for their undergraduate studies or graduate studies, they come across certain requirements that they are either familiar with and are prepared for, or are not familiar with and must prepare for.

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International Students; What You Need To Know Before You Head Abroad?

January 11, 2018

Culture Shock by Jason AntonyIt’s an exciting phase of your life when it’s time to start your undergraduate studies or your graduate studies. You are very excited to travel to your educational destination. You think all it matters is just go to the university every day, attend lectures, study for your tests, and that’s all you need to focus on. It’s very wrong to limit your thinking to attending school only. It takes more preparation than just that. I listed some tips you need to think about when you choose the university or college you want to study in, have a look here Choosing Your University or College

It’s very essential to consider some important factors and prepare well before you head abroad. Last thing you need when you are alone overseas is unpleasant surprises. Here are few things you need to prepare for:

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How to Write a Strong Personal Statement

January 9, 2018

The personal statement is one of the most important documents that you must submit when you apply for your graduate studies. It could be the only deciding factor that stands between you and another candidate regardless of your grades. Your aim is to make the university want you. But, how to write a strong personal statement?

Personal StatementUniversities receive thousands of personal statements not only yours, so make sure it is polished, interesting, and standout from the crowd.

It’s very important to know exactly what you should include in your personal statement. Invest some time reading about it because it’s not a normal letter that you can draft in minutes and say that’s it, it’s ready. NO NO NO.


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Can I get A Scholarship? How?

January 3, 2018

What’s a scholarship?

ScholarshipsA scholarship is a form of financial aid that is utilized towards your tuition fully or partially and it’s awarded to certain eligible students or professionals as gifts (not a loan) and in some case, with certain conditions attached to it. However, many students ask this question: Can I get a scholarship? How?


Who is Eligible For a Scholarship?

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Top World University Rankings 2016-2017

February 17, 2017
The first thing international students &/or professionals look for when pursuing higher education is world-class universities worldwide. Eventually, you would want the best academic credentials as this will widely
open doors for you career wise especially now and going forward. If you want to advance in your career and get higher pay, you will need a very good university and a minimum of a master degree depending of course on your area of interest and your career aspirations.


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