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Co-op Education

Internship Before or After Graduation

April 9, 2018


What’s your plan after graduation? It’s to find a job of course. What do employers look for in a job candidate? One of the job’s requirements is work experience but most college/university graduates don’t have work experience. Then what should they do? They should consider internship before or after graduation to gain some work experience.

What is Internship?

Internship is a job opportunity offered by employers mainly to college/university students. It can also be a job opportunity for college/university graduates. The main purpose of internship is to gain work experience in your filed of study, or any particular industry you are interested in, that you can add to your resume and enhance your chances of getting hired.

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Cooperative Education Programs “Co op” – Work While Studying

February 8, 2018

Co-op Education

What is Co-op Education?

Co-operative education or Co-op is a program that gives students the opportunity to gain work-related experience by working while studying as part of their curriculum.

As the name suggests, Co-op programs are cooperation initiatives between higher education entities and major organizations and industry leaders in different fields that will give students academic work-related experience that will help them transition in to the workforce after they graduate.

Students enrolled in a co-op program will study full time for one semester and work full time the second semester in their field of study at least once. The program might extend for a whole year.

The time spent working for a co-op program provider will be counted towards the student’s credits.

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