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Future jobs and education

Future Jobs and Education

March 2, 2018

One important topic that is a focus in recent years is future jobs and education. The education system now is different compared to the education system 30-40-50 years ago.

It’s evolving to include elements that are necessary for the digital age we live in, the current and future generation’s needs, the human capital development, and the knowledge-based economy approach of many countries.


Future jobs and education

What Was Education Like Before?

I’ll speak for myself now. During my k-12 years:

Did teaching prepare me for my future job? No, it didn’t.

Did it give me the analytical and critical thinking skills that are needed in every job now? No, it didn’t.

Did it train me on presentation, debate, and negotiation skills? No, it didn’t.

Was I allowed to express my opinion on the material taught or the way it was taught? Not much.

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