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Qatar National Vision 2030

Higher Education in Qatar – Knowledge-Based Economy

February 18, 2018
Higher Education in Qatar - Knowledge-based economy

Quality Education is a primary focus of the Government of the State of Qatar. Excellence in education in general and higher education in particular are key towards transforming Qatar into a knowledge-based and sustainable economy as envisaged in the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030.

Qatar National Vision 2030

One of QNV 2030’s four pillars is Human Development: “Qatar aims to build a modern world-class educational system that provides students with a first-rate education, comparable to that offered anywhere in the world.

The system will provide citizens with excellent training and opportunities to develop to their full potential and preparing them for success in a changing world with increasingly complex technical requirements.

The system will also encourage analytical and critical thinking, as well as creativity and innovation. It will promote social cohesion and respect for Qatari society’s values and heritage and will advocate for constructive interaction with other nations.

In order to further support human development, Qatar will aspire to be an active center in the fields of scientific research and intellectual activity. ”

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